Nonsurgical Nose Jobs Are An Excellent Alternative To Surgery For Bumps and Humps nyc new york ny

This very much depends on how severe the bump is and the dynamics of the rest of your nose in relation to the bump.  Truly the only permanent solution to this problem is surgery to remove either the bony deformity or a combination of bony and cartilagenous deviation.  At times, however, if a patient has a high bump because of short overprojected nasal bones, but the lower 2/3 of the nose appear straight on profile...a small amount of filler placed near the lower border of the glabella (highest part of nose between the eyes) can erase a bump, and create the illusion of a longer more elegant nose.  Compared to filler placed elsewhere it tends to last a LOT longer in the nose.  But, regardless, I would recommend a consultation with a board certified surgeon as you will have all the options available and an artistic eye to give you the best possible result